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Causes of Body Aches and Muscle Aches and Medications

Muscle aches and pains are complaints in the joints or muscles, which almost everyone has felt. These complaints include discomfort or pain that usually arises in the shoulders, back, arms, knees, and ankles. This aching and muscle aches usually occur because of interference with the joints or surrounding tissue, such as tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles. The severity of aches and pains in the muscles can vary, from mild to moderate to severe. Various Causes of Muscle Aches and Aches The causes of muscle aches and pains are very diverse and can differ from person to person. The following are some of them: 1. Excessive exercise Exercising regularly is good for maintaining physical fitness. But if done excessively, exercise can actually cause muscle aches and pains. This is because the joints, bones, and muscles are forced to work harder, causing these parts to stiffen. 2. Lifting heavy loads Lifting weights that are too heavy can also cause muscle aches and pains. This is
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Nebulizer, Get to know the function and How to use it

Nebulizer is a tool to convert drugs in liquid form to inhaled vapors. Treatment that uses a nebulizer is usually given to people with respiratory disorders, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) when symptoms of shortness of breath are appearing. One treatment for respiratory disorders or lung disease is to use an inhaled medicine. There are drugs that work to overcome shortness of breath, reduce inflammation, and prevent recurrence of symptoms. Giving this inhalation drug can be through inhalers and nebulizers. The difference between the nebulizer and the inhaler is in the working of the tool. Nebulizer does not spray the drug, but convert it from liquid into steam, so that the drug more easily enters the lungs. This tool is usually used when a higher dose of inhaled medicine is needed or if a person with respiratory disorders has difficulty using an inhaler, for example children who experience shortness of breath due to asthma. Diseases Treated by Ne

Don't Just Choose Hair Serum

Hair serum has many functions, including helping to protect hair from the effects of damage caused by exposure to sunlight and hair products, relaxes the hair so that it does not tangle easily, and makes hair more shiny. However, you must be smart in choosing hair serum so that you can get the maximum benefits. In the medical definition, serum is a liquid that has a high content of certain substances, especially protein. In the world of beauty, hair serum is known as one of a series of hair care products in the form of concentrated liquids that contain a variety of nutrients to maintain healthy hair. Most hair serum products are water-based, so they are absorbed quickly into the scalp and hair roots. When choosing hair serum, you need to consider what content it contains. List of Nutrition in Choosing the Right Hair Serum Hair serum with the following nutrients can be the right choice to maintain healthy hair and help overcome hair problems. Biotin To help overcome the prob